Aromatic lemon Apple and Herb Turkey

Aromatic lemon Apple and Herb Turkey - Turkey recipe: this aromatic lemon, apple and herb turkey is moist, tender, delicious and the perfect centerpiece for your holiday meal! Easy to make and bursting with flavor


1 Turkey (12-18lbs, although you can go bigger, you may have to adjust ingredients accordingly)

Lemon and herbs brine
1.5 heaping cup salt
1.5 gallons water
8 bay leaves
1/2 c molasses -or- 3/4 c brown sugar
6 lemons washed and quartered
2 sprigs rosemary
2 sprigs thyme
2 Tbs minced garlic
Combine all ingredients in large pot and bring to a boil for 2-3 minutes, or until salt and sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

Herb Butter
1/2 cube softened butter (4 TBS Butter)
1 c chopped parsley
1 tsp salt
Combine all ingredients and mix well

1 red apple sliced
1 onion quartered
1tsp or 1 stick of cinnamon
2 sprigs rosemary
6 sage leaves
1.5 c Gingerale

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